Zejmarská gorge and Malé Zajfy valley / Slovak Paradise

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  • Start: Dedinky, parking next to Priehrada hotel
  • Ziel: Dedinky, parking next to Priehrada hotel
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  • 13,99 km
  • 4 Std. 28 Min.
  • 455 m
  • 1060 m
  • 786 m
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From Dedinky village near the reservoir Palcmanská maša through the Zejmarská gorge to Geravy and through Malé Zajfy valley back. In the morning, we visited Dobšinska Ice Cave.

In the morning we made it to one of the first tours through the ice caves in Dobšinná. Then we moved by car to Dedinky. We parked in Dedinky on a paid parking under Hotel Priehrada. The Zejmarská gorge is not as busy as the gorges around Podlesok, but it is just as beautiful and picturesque. Over the gorge, Geravy Mountain Hotel with a restaurant is located on the edge of a large meadow (the cable car connecting Geravy and Dedinky is out of service for a long time). Following the red marked hiking path we to the crossroad below Suchý vrch. In the valley of Malé Zajfy, meadows bloom and Vráblovský mountain river gurgles. We got back to Palcmanská masa lake. Through meadows and on a forest path we return to Dedinky village with number of recreational facilities, guest houses, pubs and snacks. The reservoir is used for bathing and water sports.

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The entire route follows marked tourist paths.

From the starting point to the Zejmarská gorge, you follow the red mark. Passage through the Zejmarská gorge to Mountain Hotel Geravy is marked with a blue tourist sign. From there, to the crossroads below Suchý vrch you follow the red signs. From here to Stratenská píla you follow green marked path. Back to the village of Dedinky take red path.


Paid parking at Hotel Priehrada


474 - Slovenský ráj / Hiking map SHOCart, 1:40 000 EAN:9788072247523

4 - Slovenský ráj / Hiking map VKÚ, 1:25 000

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Upon entering the Zajmarská gorge, you will pay the entrance fee.


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