The journey is the reward - Motivational Run from Gern to the Palace Nymphenburg

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  • Start: Subway Station Gern
  • Ziel: Subway Station Gern
  • leicht
  • 4,77 km
  • 45 Min.
  • 4 m
  • 519 m
  • 515 m
  • 60 / 100
  • 10 / 100

Panoramic jogging tour through the beautiful villa district of Gern to the majestic Nymphenburg Palace.

You can't remember the last time you exercised in the fresh air? Then you've come to the right place!


Every beginning is hard, but I promise you that this 30 to 45 minute jogging session will fly by in no time. 




Because it will take you from Munich's Notting Hill to Nymphenburg Castle. This is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, and not without reason. On this tour you can be fascinated by the architecture surrounding you, in the best case continuously, and finally you can enjoy your performance like a king or queen.


At the end you also have the possibility to finish your run with an energetic sprint, to stretch extensively and to go back to your starting point. 


So get into your running shoes and off you go!

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So that you can start right away, you will find the mostimportant waypoints below:

  •  Subway station Gern   
  • Exit direction Klugstraße   
  • Klugstraße (Trattoria - Elector Maximilian on your right)
  • Straight ahead in direction Magdalenenstraße   
  • Turn left onto Kratzerstraße   
  • Turn right into Malsenstraße   
  • Turn left into Gerner Straße   
  • Straight ahead on the Nördliche Auffahrtsallee  
  • Nymphenburg Castle   
  • Back along the canal   
  • Hubertus Fountain   
  • Turn left onto Waisenhausstraße   
  • Subway station Gern

- Here you can find a detailed description of the route with the highlights of the route -


You start from the subway station Gern, which you leave in the direction of Klugstraße. Here you should cross the street and stand in front of the "Trattoria - Kurfürst Maximilian". From here you start walking towards Magdalenenstraße. To the left and right you will be surrounded by house facades from the 19th century. You keep walking straight on. Your first destination is Kratzerstraße. But the side streets you pass are always worth a look. Especially Böcklinstraße. It is the origin of the Gern villa district. At the next side street, the Kratzerstraße, you turn right. In my opinion it is the most beautiful street of the villa colony, as it reminds of Notting Hill with its colourful terraced houses and you won't be able to decide where to look first. Let your gaze wander over the detailed house facades. The partly large window facades also invite you to look inside the houses. Here you can discover everything from magnificent chandeliers to ceiling-high libraries and extraordinary furnishings. At the end of the Kratzerstraße you turn right into the Malsenstraße, which you follow only a short distance to the crossing to turn left into the Gerner Straße. Follow this street until you reach the northern access avenue. From here you have to turn right towards Schloss Nymphenburg. From here you simply walk straight on to the next big crossroads. Here, too, the detailed villas on the right invite you to linger. When you reach the big crossroads, cross the Ludwig Ferdinand Bridge at the pedestrian lights. From now on you walk straight towards Nymphenburg Palace, which is hard to miss. Once here, you can take a breather and enjoy the view to the full. In front of you lies the majestic Nymphenburg Palace, which was built in the baroque style and behind you you can see the palace canal. With fresh oxygen in your lungs, you will return along the Schlosskanal. You cross the Ludwig Ferdinand Bridge again. The straight stretch along the canal is very inviting to end your jogging session with an energetic sprint. Keep the canal bridge (Gerner Brücke) in focus. Here you can stretch out after work and reward yourself with the majestic view of the castle. Well stretched, you continue along the canal towards Hubertusbrunnen. From here you turn left onto Waisenhausstraße, which you follow until you reach the Gern underground station, your starting point. The facades of the houses invite you to linger on this route as well.


Let´s get started!


Shoes and clothing that you feel comfortable in while running. :)

Tipp des Autors

You would like to learn more about the architectural history of the Gern villa district? Just take a look around the Gern subway station. Here you will find glass plates attached to the walls, with information about the building history of the quarter.


The journey by car is not recommended. You want to do sports. :)

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

Subway U1 stop Gern

Bicycle Klugstraße/corner of Waisenhausstraße

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  • Asphalt (47%)
  • Unbekannt (53%)


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