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  • Start: Car park "Reisegarten", Raumland
  • Ziel: Car park"Reisegarten", Raumland
  • schwer
  • 30,26 km
  • 2 Std. 29 Min.
  • 252 m
  • 519 m
  • 362 m
  • 100 / 100
  • 80 / 100

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Pristine vegetation, impressive rock formations and a homely river landscape - this natural cycle track is definitely worth a tour!

This themed section of the Eder Cycle Route (Eder-Radweg) guarantees wide views of beautiful landscapes. Get on your bike and set off on a tour through the lower Eder Valley.

In addition to the outstanding vegetation, there are many other sights worth seeing: You can forge your own iron in the blacksmith museum in Arfeld, the Alexander Mack Museum in the Schwarzenauer Hüttental tells the impressive story of a founder of a religion and a highlight is definitely the beautiful manor house in Schwarzenau. Between the stations you can enjoy the landscape of Wittgenstein.

Every meter of altitude difference is worth it for the impressive panoramic view this tour promises. The 30-kilometre-long route has a wonderful loop character, which offers you individual entry and exit possibilities. The difficulty and length of the tour can be varied.

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The starting point of this bicycle tour is the "Reisegarten" car park in Raumland: downstream we get off to a good start here. The route leads straight along the Eder to Arfeld. Once in town, it is worth making a first stop. For here the "Open Cycle Route Church" invites you to a moment of peace and contemplation.

Along the route we pass the Arfeld forge, which is also recommended for a visit due to its interesting history.

The route initially climbs slightly uphill, followed by a short steep section which takes us to the historic Obere Hüttental in Schwarzenau. Here we are rewarded for our efforts with wonderful views.

Rushing down again to Schwarzenau, we pass the Augenstein Via Adrina. After a few kilometres downhill we reach the village centre. The manor house directly at the Eder bridge is the optical centre of attention.

The path leads again towards Arfeld. Once there, we cross the Eder with the help of an original bridge, the "Ziegensteg".

Between Arfeld and Dotzlar we climb the next mountain. However, the sweaty effort is compensated for by the following viewing platform on the Hainbach above Arfeld.

The trail continues to Dotzlar again along a panoramic route. Passing the Dotzlar Culture Hall and the sports field, the path leads to the Eder. There, the last few kilometres wait for us directly by the water until we finally reach the slate village Raumland again.


Trail marks are not yet available for this tour.

Tipp des Autors

Along the route you will find several restaurants and cafés. Please check their opening times in advance.


An interesting detour is the nature park information centre in Bad Berleburg. In addition to the Tourist Information, the bison exhibition and the new theme area "On the trail of nature" are located there. Interactive, digital and playful, the focus is on the local flora and fauna. There are also tips on hiking trails, sights and leisure activities. It's worth a visit!


Von Bad Berleburg über die B480 Richtung Erndtebrück. Nach Überqueren der Ederbrücke in Raumland/Markhausen nach links abbiegen Richtung Frankenberg auf die L553. Am Ortseingang von Raumland nach links und gleich wieder rechts in die "Raumländer Straße" fahren. Dem Straßenverlauf folgen bis zur Ederbrücke. Nach links über die Ederbrücke fahren. Der Parkplatz befindet sich auf der linken Seite.


Parkplatz Reisegarten Raumländer Straße 57319 Bad Berleburg


Weitere Informationen

From October to April the wooden bridge at Stedenhof, Arfeld, is not available. Please use the main road !


Ambitious people will combine the route with the other two tour tips. All three routes follow the motto 'Hoch-Zeiten rechts und links des Ederradweges - mit Landschaft und Natur Eins werden" (High-Time right and left from the Eder-Cycle-Tour - becomming one with landscape and nature").


You can find detailed driving instructions under www.radroutenplaner.nrw.de.


  • Schotter (45%)
  • Asphalt (28%)
  • Wanderweg (10%)
  • Straße (17%)


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