Nobility in the 21st Century: A new Fascination

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  • Start: Main Station Bad Berleburg
  • Ziel: Main Station Bad Berleburg
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  • 21,02 km
  • 1 Std. 43 Min.
  • 217 m
  • 544 m
  • 404 m
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Beste Jahreszeit

Discover the life of the nobility and enjoy royal views - it even works by bike. On the 20-kilometer route, it is worth having a short break off the bike and taking a look inside and around Berleburg Castle.

The castle has been inhabited by the same family for 750 years. This "being alive" creates a special atmosphere and inspires the visitors. Gigantic ballrooms, beautiful chandeliers and royal chambers can be experienced here. The castle park invites you to dream and linger. By bike it goes uphill through the upper town of Berleburg past princely forests. You should also plan a stop at the sculpture "Golden Egg". This special work of art is part of the "WaldSkulpturenWeg" (Forest Sculpture Path), which is unique in Germany.


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Our bike tour starts at the main station in Bad Berleburg. The first stage takes us up to the old town with the castle. Here lives the princely family zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

A few meters we cycle through the beautiful upper town, after we ride down through the Berlebach behind the castle park. It goes to the left, along the Odebornklinik and the Rothaarbad.

After passing the Rothaarbad we reach the Ederradweg, which we follow in a westerly direction.

We cycle past the Berghausen train station and arrive at the mouth of the Truftemündung. We follow the course of the stream for several kilometers through the woods. At first, the path is gentle, but at the end it climbs steeply up the mountain. The effort should be worth it, because when we reach the top we see the "Golden Egg" in the middle of nature as one of the heavyweights on the art trail "WaldSkulpturenWeg" (Forest Sculpture Trail). Here we should take the time to view this striking works of art.

Downhill the route leads youback to the old town and the train station. A number of different restaurants and cafes line the route. Once in the city, the circular route ends again at the train station.


Route Signs are not yet installed. 

Tipp des Autors

A combination with the other tour tips of Bad Berleburg is recommended for the following days. The motto of the three routs  is 'Hoch-Zeiten right and left aside the Eder-Bike-Route - getting in touch with landscape and nature'.


An interesting excursion could lead you to the nature park information center in Bad Berleburg. In addition to the tourist information center, the bison exhibition and the new theme area "On the trace of nature" are located there. Interactive, digital and playful, the focus is on the local flora and fauna. In addition, you can get tips about awarded hiking trails, sights and leisure activities. A visit is worthwhile!



Take the A4 to exit Kreutztal - then follow the B508 and B62 - and change to B480 to Bad Berleburg.

Via the A45 - take the Dillenburg, Siegen or Olpe exit.

In the town follow the signs to Bad Berleburg Castle.

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

You can reach Bad Berleburg Main Station via Siegen or Marburg.


Please check online the train connections on the  website DB.

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You can also find further detailed information  about this tour on


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