Instagrammable Places - the most breathtaking tour of Munich

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  • Start: Siegestor
  • Ziel: Friedensengel
  • leicht
  • 3,26 km
  • 2 Std.
  • 12 m
  • 516 m
  • 506 m
  • 80 / 100
  • 10 / 100

Experience the most beautiful places in Munich - and be sporty just at the same time! This tour will show you the most stunning spots in and around the English Garden. Take your camera with you!

On our tour we will visit the most beautiful places in and around the English Garden. And maybe take some instagrammable pictures? ;) By the way, on this tour we will be in the middle of Munich, but also directly in nature!

Siegestor, Chinese Tower, Monopteros & Angel of Peace. These and other Munich landmarks are definitely worth a visit & for sure also worth a photo. 

If you want to admire these beauties and stay a little longer at the viewpoints, please calculate more than 2 hours. If you just want to walk without breaks, you can count on about 50 minutes.

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We start our tour at the Siegestor located between the Leopoldstraße and the Ludwigstraße. Through the massive triumphal arch you can see as far as the Feldherrenhalle at Odeonsplatz.We walk 200 meters further into this direction and find ourselves on the Geschwister-Scholl-Platz right next to the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.
We turn left, walk past the fountain and turn into the Veterinärstraße. We pass the Italian Café Dinatale on our right and Café Königin 43 on our left, which are both perfect for having a cup of coffee or Aperol Spritz. We continue straight ahead and enter the English Garden.
We pass the Milchhäusl beer garden and keep left at the junction before turning right at the next fork. We go straight on and cross the small old bridge over the Schwabinger Bach. Now we are in front of a crossroads. We take the second path from left.

We follow this gravel path until we cross the next small stream, the Entenvolierebach. Now we turn left and walk 200 meters along the creek until we reach the Chinese Tower. Here you will also find the restaurant and beer garden Chinese Tower, as well as the Christmas market during the Christmas season.
After a short stop at the most famous landmark of the English Garden we walk back along the path and cross the Entenvolierebach again, then take the second left path up to the Monopteros. After we enjoyed the view and walked around the temple we go down the small hill again. But this time we turn right and go down the hill on the other side where we came from.Now we follow the path down and turn sharp left at the next branch of the path.

While we continue walking, several paths lead together. We simply follow the path south for about 350 meters until we reach the bridge at the Schwabinger Bach. Just before this bridge we turn left. If you would like to, you can walk the remaining few steps to the bridge, watch the waves and come back again. After we have turned off we go straight on and keep right at the Eisbach until we reach the Eisbach wave and can admire the surfers.
Then we turn left and walk straight ahead along the Prinzregentenstraße. We pass the Bavarian National Museum on the left. We continue straight ahead and cross the Luitpold Bridge over the Isar.
Then we arrive at the bottom of the Friendensengel and walk past the dolphin fountain up the stairs to the observation deck.
We walk up the last steps of the monument at the Friedensengel and sit down on the steps in front.

 Munich will be right in front of us and so will be the sunset.

Enjoythe view!


Day backpack, drinks, snacks and if available a camera.

Tipp des Autors

The Friedensengel will be the final stop of the tour & is besides the most impressive site in Munich to watch the sunset. Feel free to take a blanket with you to make yourself comfortable. :)


YOu can either take the Leopoldstraße or the Ludwigstraße.

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel



  • Georgenstraße:       Bus 68 / Bus 58 / Bus 154
  • Giselastraße:           U 3 / U 6 / Bus 54
  • Universität:              U 3 / U 6 / Bus 58 / Bus 68 / Bus 154 / Bus 153


  • Asphalt (16%)
  • Schotter (62%)
  • Unbekannt (22%)


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