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  • Start: Visitors car park below the Breitenbach reservoir. The alternative start and finish point is Marktplatz in the town of Hilchenbach.
  • Ziel: Breitenbachtalsperre
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  • 6,71 km
  • 2 Std.
  • 191 m
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  • 367 m
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The Kalorienpfad (Calories Trail) goes around the Breitenbach reservoir without having to follow the asphalt path along the banks for longer than necessary. Instead, there are dreamlike forest passages, wonderful tranquillity, a beautiful view and ten exciting activity stations that make this tour into a real hiking highpoint.

The Hilchenbach Kalorienpfad (Calories Trail) provides a special nature and fitness experience! It goes around the Breitenbach reservoir once, but not on the asphalt path along the banks. Instead, the fantastic forest paths invite you to dream and ten fitness stations ensure that you can burn some additional calories. However, the sporty aspect is something you conquer anyway along the route, because an hour of hiking burns between 300 and 500 calories, depending on your weight - this corresponds to over 80% of recommended number of calories you should burn every day. The ten fitness stations do the rest - so being active out in the fresh air ensures fun, fitness and a good figure!

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We set out from the car park below the Breitenbach reservoir. A short climb gets your circulation going right at the beginning. Once we reach the top, we hike past the crest of the dam. The first activity station is on the other side. After some physical activity, we turn right into the forest at A2. The second activity station invites you to cycle. Then follow the edge of the forest to the crossroads. There we turn left going uphill and pass the third activity station. The short climb ends by an asphalt path. Here, we turn right at a small clearing, cross the parallel tarred path and go straight on along a forest trail. At the next fork, we turn right and pass the pump station. After the steep climb, we turn left onto a grass path to the mountaintop and then right into a quaint piece of woodland. Once we reach a fork in the path, the trail turns left onto one of the paths. Go left for a while along a forestry road and then downhill along a forest path. At Dörrhöhe, activity station four and a picnic bench invite us to take a rest and enjoy a magnificent view of the reservoir. The route then delves into the forest. After skewing onto a crossroads, we pass activity station five. Then down through the beech forest to the lake, where activity station six motivates us to do some stomach muscle exercises. This is followed by a short asphalt passage along the banks, with a break at activity station seven. At activity station eight, we turn right and switch to a rustic path. Here, you can catch a small glimpse of the lake before the Kalorienpfad (Calories Trail) comes to a crossroads and a comfortable forest lounger beckons us to take a rest. We then hike on to the left until the next crossing at activity station nine. Here, we turn left and the last climb to the Krackertsberg is ahead of us on the soft forest floor. After this mountaintop, the trail leads downwards and our target destination on the path around the banks comes into sight. Activity station ten provides the last break. After 7 km, the experience tour ends at the crest of the dam.


Ankle-high shoes are recommended as the trail requires sure-footedness. After rain, parts of the trail can become slippery.


Ankle-high shoes

Tipp des Autors

After the tour, you can stop for some refreshments at the “Alten Wärterhaus” and quickly regain the calories you burned off in the most delicious way.


Hilchenbach can be reached via the B508. From the district Allenbach leads to the visitor parking below the Breitenbachtalsperre.

Alternative start and finish point is the market square of the city Hilchenbach.


Visitor parking below the Breitenbachtalsperre.

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

By Train:

  • RB 93
    • Stop: Allenbach or Hilchenbach

By Bus:

  • R 11
    • Stop: Allenbach or Hilchenbach

Wanderkarte Hilchenbach, 1:25.000, 1. Auflage 2009, € 5,00

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Stadt Hilchenbach Touristik-Information
Markt 13
57271 Hilchenbach
Tel.: 02733 / 288-133, Fax: -288


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