An animal tour from SeaLife to Hellabrunn Zoo

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  • Start: Sealife Munich
  • Ziel: Hellabrunn Zoo
  • leicht
  • 15,80 km
  • 4 Std.
  • 29 m
  • 526 m
  • 504 m
  • 40 / 100
  • 20 / 100

family-friendly City tour on 16km from SEA LIFE Munich through the lively English Garden along the Isar to Hellabrunn Zoo.

This easy route takes us into the animal world of the urban bustle of Munich. We experience a day full of animals in the urban jungle. On about 16km you can discover all kinds of animals in the parks and along the Isar river. Starting with the underwater world of the Sealife, the hike winds through the English Garden along the Isar to the zoo Hellabrunn. Accompanied by cackling geese, swans, squirrels and with a little luck even deer we experience a day of animal pleasure. This tour shows that even in the urban environment of the big city, numerous animals in Munich. MVG bikes can be rented along the tour. Through the selected route, urban aspects such as rental bikes can be ideally combined with the Munich nature experience. Stroll through "Munich in a different way" and enjoy the animal aspects of a big city.


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We start our tour at SeaLife in the Olympic Park. From the entrance we walk about 1 km on the paved Roopsigh-Bais-Weg in southern direction over the small bridge. We turn left along the Nymphenburger Biedersteier Kanal, which stretches to the Brienner Straße. We follow the road until we reach a large square. This is the subway station Petuelring, where there is a bicycle rental station. We cross the square and enter the Luitpoldpark. At the longwall gardens we turn right and follow the gravel road for about 300 meters until we reach the first playground "Crocodile". We follow the gravel path for about 400 meters and leave the hill on our right. On the right side we now pass the Pumuckel playground with its Pumuckel fountain and a labyrinth of the playground. Between the park and the road we continue until we discover an older baroque castle on the left side. This is the Bamberger Haus. We turn back into Luitpoldpark and follow the gravel path again for about 500 meters to the bus and subway station Scheidplatz. Here you will find a public toilet and a bike rental station. We cross the street directly and follow the Parzibaldstrasse for about 500 meters. Directly after passing the playground at Scheidplatz we turn right and follow it for about 100 meters until we reach Düsseldorferstrasser. We follow the Düsseldorferstrasse for about 300 meters until we reach the crossing Karl-Theodor-Strasse. There we turn left and cross Bonner Platz after about 200 meters. At Bonner Platz we keep right and continue to follow Karl-Theodor-Straße for about 500 meters until we turn right into Leopoldstraße. In front of us we see the blue underground station Münchener Freiheit in about 400 meters. Here you will find a bike station with an air pump. Directly after the bus terminals we turn right into Felitzschtraße which we follow for about 500 meters and then turn right into Biederstreiner Straße. After about 200 meters we turn left and enter the English Garden. We follow the gravel road for about 100 meters until we reach the Kleinhesseloher See and then keep right. After about 400 meters we have reached the kiosk at the lake. From the kiosk we walk along the gravel path laughing on the right which leads to a larger path with a road after about 300 meters. We turn left onto the road and follow it for about 400 meters until we find a big tower in Chinese style on the right side. After crossing the tower square, we walk along the wide gravel path, leaving the monopertros on the left. We follow the path for about 500 meters and reach the organic beer garden "Milchhäusl" shortly before the exit of the English Garden. There is a playground next to the beer garden and a public toilet directly behind it. We walk back along the gravel path for about 100 meters and cross the small stream. Immediately afterwards we turn right onto the gravel path and follow it for about 800 meters until we have almost left the park. At this point you will find the Eisbach wave, which is surfed in the summer months. On the opposite side of the road there is another bike station. We turn left and follow it for about 400 meters until we are behind the bridge. There we turn right and follow the Jakobsweg Weg along the river for about 3 km until we reach the Reichenbach bridge. This is the first bridge under which you can walk. On the other side of the river is the kiosk at the Reichenbach Bridge and directly in front of us the playground Au. We follow the Way of St. James for another 2 km until we discover an outdoor gym on the left in the forest after the railway bridge. At the next bridge, which comes after about 200 meters, we change sides and follow the river downhill again. After about 500 meters we see the Flaucher-Biergaren with its small playground on the left. Another 500 meters further on we turn off before the bridge and are now in front of the Flauchersteg. Directly in front of the bridge there is another MVG bike station. We first follow the footbridge and then the path until we finally arrive at Hellabrunn Zoo. Here you will find the last bike station right next to the entrance.

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  • Smartphone
  • drinking bottle
  • small Backpack
  • solid shoes
  • MVG-More App
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  • Book Sealife online and save
  • Tierpark Hellabrunn - Use student rate
  • with the MVG student subscription daily 30minuten free of charge cycle

    This tour is a part of the project "Munich in a different way" and is especially for students with children.

    MVG bikes can be rented along the entire route to shorten the distances.


By car:

Follow the signs to Olympiapark München and use the designated paid parking spaces. In the Olympic Park the five to ten minute walk is signposted.

Address visitor parking for your navigation system: Willi-Daume-Platz 1, 80809 Munich

By public transport:Take the underground line 3 to the stop Olympiazentrum. From there the footpath (about ten minutes) is signposted with SEA LIFE Munich posters.

You live a little further away? Travel by train, save on parking and protect the environment. - Tickets are available here.

(Source: Website Sealife)

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Parking deck at the Olympic Tower - directly next to the SeaLifeTip: Parking is free under the high-rise buildings in Connelystrasse

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

Take the U8 or U3 to the Olympiazentrum. Then after about 200m footpath.Take the 144 bus to the Olympic lake. Then about 1km footpath.The trains and buses run regularly.

The connections can easily be called up at .All prices can be viewed here. It is recommended to buy the day ticket.


Großstadt Wildnis: Auf Tiersafari in unseren Städten, Sven Meurs, Snesebeck Verlag (2019)

München mit Kind 2020, Himbeer Verlag, DuMont Buchverlag (2019)


City Map Munich - Free of charge available at the Rathhaus

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  • Asphalt (40%)
  • Wanderweg (12%)
  • Pfad (16%)
  • Straße (3%)
  • Schotter (29%)


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