A lucky charm tour through the city centre of Munich - distraction by other means

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On the tracks of Munich's lucky charms you can pick up a small portion of luck especially before the stressful exam phase. That's how it works with the exams!

This very special tour through Munich's city centre takes you past the city's most famous and popular landmarks, but also past places that are rarely noticed. Both the well-known landmarks and the unknown Munich sights can be discovered in a new way. The usual tourist paths may be very close, but they are still very far away. Only the observer who looks closely and is open to new things will be able to discover and benefit from Munich's places of happiness.

Past statues, squares, Madonnas and mysterious - sometimes mystical - places of Munich's power, you can rediscover the city once again and pick up a small portion of luck for your exam preparation. Just take a deep breath, distract yourself, go out into the fresh air and visit the places of happiness in the city, nothing can go wrong and every exam can be mastered.

So come along in search of the lucky charms!


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We start our lucky tour at Karlsplatz, which is probably best reached by public transport. The magnificent Karlstor is already noticeable from afar, but have you ever noticed the small figures in the Karlstor? In each of the corners of the gate hangs a small figure, four in all. These figures are not just decoration, they also have a meaning. The four Munich originals, better known as collar heads, have each coined a well-known Munich dialect. The creators of the phrases: "wer ko, der ko" and "da geht's ja ja zu wie am Stachus" are immortalized here in the Karlstor [1]. Although these figures are not direct lucky charms, they help to get to know the Munich dialect better.

Now we take a small side street, Herzog-Wilhelm Straße, to get to Herzogspitalstraße. Between the residential buildings, small shops and restaurants is the Herzogspitalkirche - here we meet our first lucky charm, a holy Mary figure inside the church. According to the legend, the Marian figure is said to have holy powers, because she suddenly opened her eyes during a service. The miracles of the figure are said to continue to this day, just take a look and show yourself [2].

If you now follow Eisenmannstraße back to Neuhauser Straße in the pedestrian zone, you will pass the German Hunting and Fishing Museum. At this point we meet two lucky charms at once! A bronze boar figure and a huge bronze catfish attract all eyes and are touched by numerous passers-by at the mouth. But why? According to the legend, these two figures are lucky charms, so it is worth touching the animals at the golden spots. After the next exam, you can already say, "You were lucky!"[3].

The next stop in the search for luck is the world-famous Frauenkirche. But we are not so much interested in the interior of the church, nor in the magnificent towers, we are only interested in the so-called "bridal portal" of the church. According to the tradition, it is lucky for couples to kiss each other underneath the gate, as it was common in the Middle Ages after the wedding. It is best to try it out right away and bring a breath of fresh air into the relationship [4]!

Now that we have already visited a few places of happiness, we continue our journey towards Marienplatz. Here you will also find the Fischbrunnen, a fish fountain, which is supposed to ensure a year free of money worries, especially on Ash Wednesday. It is said that anyone who cleans his or her wallet in the fountain on that day will have no financial problems. Especially as a student this is worth a try, don't you think [5]?

At Marienplatz there is a lot to see, here we also encounter the Mariensäule and the New City Hall, the magnificent buildings are beautiful and attract all eyes - no question, but who has ever noticed the painting on the Orange House wall? Quite inconspicuously it hangs there, the good giant Sanct Onuphrius, but it is definitely worth taking a look at it! According to the legend the ascetic god can save people from death, as long as you manage to take a look at him every day, a long life is guaranteed. He is also the patron saint of the wanderers, so it can also be worthwhile to take a look at him before a journey in order to return unharmed [6].

If we now walk under the arch of the Old Town Hall, respectively the Toy Museum, we will meet the next lucky charm! The enchanting Julia is waiting for flowers to be placed in her arm and her breast to be touched. All those who meet these demands are to be denied good luck in love, as the Shakespeare character Juliet Capulet (from the play Romeo and Juliet) herself was unfortunately denied it [7].

Our search for special places of happiness in downtown Munich continues, in the direction of St. Peter's Church. For this we use a small staircase for pedestrians, which leads to the forecourt of the church (so we turn off before the Viktualienmarkt). The parish church is considered to be Munich's oldest church and is called "Place of Knowledge". So a visit before the exams can be worthwhile here as well, especially if there are still uncertainties [8]!

Afterwards we follow the Rindermarkt, past Marienplatz, along Dienerstraße and thus arrive at Max-Joseph-Platz. If we then follow Residenzstraße, we reach the next and most famous Munich place of happiness. Every Munich resident knows that it is particularly lucky to touch the snout of the sign of one of the four lions in front of the Residenz. Try it now, they don't bite [9]!

Now we turn back again on Residenzstraße and walk across Max-Joseph-Platz, past the National Theater, then we follow Alfons-Goppel-Straße until we reach the Hofgarten. Once there, we walk through the greenery to the Hofgarten Tempel. This quiet, green garden in the middle of the city is considered a place of beauty, so just enjoy the fresh air and the peace and quiet in the middle of the city centre [10]!

After a short pause we leave the Hofgarten again and walk across the magnificent Odeonsplatz, then we follow the Brienner Straße, across the Maximiliansplatz to the Königsplatz. On the way to the Königsplatz we notice some monuments worth seeing like the Obelisk and the statue of the Prince Regent Luitpold. On arrival we contemplate the splendour and beauty of the square, as it is not for nothing that the Königsplatz is considered to be a place of power and art. As long as we succeed in absorbing a little of this power within us, nothing more can go wrong in the next enclosure [11]!

At this point we have already visited some powerful and magnificent places, all of which should help us to be lucky in the upcoming exams, but one of these places is still missing. To reach it we follow the Katharina von Bora Street until we reach the Park Café in the old botanical garden. We cross the old botanical garden and stop at our last stop, the Neptune Fountain. In this small oasis you can escape the big city hustle and bustle completely by simply switching off for a short time and watching the water [12]. Because relaxation is also very important before the exhausting exam phase. As soon as you have recovered from the tour and have processed all impressions, you can now finish the tour again via Karlsplatz.

The exam preparation couldn't have been better, good luck and above all good luck with the upcoming exams!

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Attention should be paid to pickpockets in crowded places and subway stations. 


It is only a city walk with some sightseeing spots, therefore no special equipment is needed. However, it is recommended to have a camera with you to capture the most exciting impressions of the day.

Tipp des Autors

Take the chance and follow the instructions to make sure you get the right amount of luck before the exams!

You will not regret it!

Good luck!


In general, the tour can be started at any point, as it is a tour.

The best way to reach the starting point "Karlsplatz - Stachus" is by public transportation.

Karlsplatz is located in the immediate vicinity of Munich Central Station. In addition, the Stachus can easily be reached by tram, underground and bus.


There are two multi-storey car parks in the immediate vicinity of Karlsplatz. 

Please have a look at the prices first, it may be cheaper to travel with public transportation systems. 

Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

The starting point "Karlsplatz Stachus" is easily accessible by public transport.

Karlsplatz is close to the railway station as well as to the underground, S-Bahn and tram stations.

For detailed timetable information you can visit this website: https://www.mvg.de/dienste/verbindungen.html 


Information about the happiness of Munich can be found here:

If you want to read up on the details, you can also browse through this book:

  • Glücksorte in München: fahr hin und werd glücklich by Veronika Beer and Stefanie Gentner, published on 15.08.2018, ISBN: 3770020626
  • Magic places of happiness in Munich by Fritz Fenzl, published on 16.09.2015, ISBN 3475544725

Places of interest in downtown Munich can be found here: https://www.muenchen.de/sehenswuerdigkeiten/top.html 


Weitere Informationen

The tour can be done at any time of the year.

Information about the "Munich lucky places" can be found here:

The best places to visit: https://www.muenchen.de/sehenswuerdigkeiten/top.html 

Munich at Tripadvisor: https://www.tripadvisor.de/Tourism-g187309-Munich_Upper_Bavaria_Bavaria-Vacations.html  



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