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Besides the famous Munich Weisswurst (white sausage) you can also taste other Bavarian delicacies here.

On 22 February 1857, the Munich Weisswurst first saw the light of day in the restaurant "Wildmosers" ( former "Zum ewigen Licht")! At that time, the Weisswurst was created from a shortage of ingredients for the usual Munich city sausage. During a morning pint on a carnival morning, the innkeeper at the time, Josef Moser, was unable to provide his guests with a refill, as he lacked the right casings for the sausage.In order to be able to offer his guests something after all, he filled the already prepared sausage meat into bratwurst casings and brewed them. Josef Moser later perfected the recipe with marcis blossom, lemon peel and fresh parsley, resulting in the Weisswurst, which we all enjoy today with pretzels, sweet mustard and a wheat beer.


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Marienplatz 22

80331 München


Tel.: +49-89-23 88 66 96

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Webseite: wildmosers.de

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